“Master Padma consecrated these secluded locations to be sacred places for sadhana. He personally visited everywhere in the land of Tibet and concealed innumerable terma treasures for the sake of worthy people in future generations.” (Guru Rinpoche Terma Teaching)

It is said that Padmasambhava traveled and meditated across every inch of the Himalayan landscape, not leaving the “space of a horse’s hoof untouched’ by his presence. Of all the places that the Guru touched, however, his enduring presence can be most strongly experienced in ‘power sites’.

Power sites have been described as ‘acupuncture points of the earth.’ They are places where energy is concentrated and refined, providing an ideal environment for meditation and retreat. These sites, however, are not merely passive locations. The relationship between the accomplished meditator and power-site is reciprocal—both are transformed through the mutual presence. As such, power-sites often have magical displays of human power, including hand, foot, and body prints in solid stone. The sites also contain Padmasambhava Terma treasures (spiritual treasure teachings) that to this day continue to be discovered and shared.

The Triptych Journey team visited several power sites, including the stunning cave sites of Drak Yerpa in Tibet, and Taktsang (Tiger’s Nest) in Bhutan. Power sites are not easily accessed. They are often located in the upper reaches of steep hills and cliffs, offering unobstructed views of both valley and distant mountains. Our team spent several days exploring and filming power sites, making the slow (high-altitude) climb from meditation cave to meditation cave.

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