We landed in Paro, Bhutan, and drove a strenuous meandering 12 hours across the country to Bumthang – a broad Himalayan foothill valley filled with pines and oaks, rivers, high ridges and small villages recognizable by the iconic Bhutanese architecture. Bhutan is a unique place, both culturally and geographically, and it took some time to get acclimatized to it. Photographing there was a great experience because of how novel everything seemed, especially in the Central Asian context.

Most of my work was done at the annual Pema Lingpa celebration in which elaborate dances depict the story of treasure revelation. The costumes, movement, and people present made it for a busy and highly rewarding day with the camera.

A closing note with a poem by Buddhist master Drukpa Kunley

The five spiritual ways

I practice the path of self-discipline. I meditate every day.

I go the way of embracing love. I work as a mother and father of all beings.

I do the deity yoga. I visualize myself as a Buddha in the cosmic unity.

I read the books of all religions and practice all at the right moment.

The life is my teacher and my inner wisdom is my guide


  1. Beautiful

  2. Marc, you are such a talented young man! Your descriptions are so vivid! I can see through you whatever you saw

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