In the third week of our journey, the Triptych Journey team spent the night at the Rangjung (“Self-Arisen”) Cave in Mustang, Nepal. The cave, which gained it’s namesake in honor of a small Tara that naturally formed out of pure rock, rested on a narrow ravine face about 500 feet above a mountain stream. The continuous gurgle of the stream, along with ripples of prayer-flags, offered a soothing soundscape for our thin sleep.

The journey to the cave was arduous. We left the idyllic village of Samar around midday, with the intense high-desert sun beating down. The hike over parched, dusty paths, first descended to a ravine then rose up, then descended, then… We arrived as stragglers, grateful to find the door open as our guides welcomed us into the ancient meditation cave.

To learn more about the Rangjung Cave, you can visit Glenn Mullin’s post on our website.

Footage for this video short was shot by filmmaker Ronen Schechner. The video was edited by Daniel Schechner, of lifeintheboonies productions.

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