As for innermost advice: no matter what kind of disturbing emotion you feel, look into the emotion and it tracelessly subsides. The disturbing emotion is thus freed. This is simple to practice.”

(Guru Rinpoche Terma Teaching)

We were a Sangha (community) of eight: Photographer, Choreographer, Writer, Director, Dancer, Tibetologist, Researcher, and Filmmaker. We assembled, at first slowly and then with a flourish, and went out in search of the Guru Rinpoche.

For seven weeks, we were on the constant go, traveling more than 16,000 miles in jets, planes, jeeps, taxis, and on foot. We crossed countless time-zones and borders, starting in Vermont and touching down in Mongolia, Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and India.

We tested the premise of the project (artists documenting story), we tested each other, and we created. By journeys end, we had accumulated more than 120 hours of film, some 7000 photographs, and enough prose and poetry to fill a small book.

And then we returned home, “same-same but different”, as they say in India.

(Photo from early in our adventure, on the plains of the Gobi Desert in Mongolia).

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