We are formed. We are forming.

Ronen, Tamin, Glenn, Sarah, Jon, Clemma, Magdalena and Marc. Eight wagons in a caravan. Eight spokes to a wheel, turning in the same direction, across sands and mountain passes, from the Gobi to Everest. Our journey is begun.

We explore, reflect, probe and share.

We are nothing if not profane. We drink, swear and irritate. We laugh, cry and rebirth. We grow into this foreignness- relentless desert winds, horizons that fade into nothing, the absurd white sheen of a Gher camp rising from dust and sand. We grow into each other- our dreams merge and mutate, the boundaries of our minds blur and blend.

We write, film, photograph and dance.

We are motley. Dust permeates our hair and pores. Tempers flare and subside. Laughter erupts and quiets. Questions fly in every direction- so many questions. Then, slowly, the answers form, emerging from each of us like images falling into focus. And in the midst of all this newness we see, clearly, that this works.

We are here. We are grateful.


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  1. Clemma Dawsen

    I’m just getting around to reading our own website. I still get up in the middle of the night here in VT, my body still longing for the other side of the world can’t seem to settle into circadian rhythm. Circadian jazz, maybe. I don’t dream in English but definitely in color. This is a great post. Ah, so true. So true.

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