Articles by: Ronen Schechner

About the Author
I'm a documentary Cinematographer and director. What I am bringing to the project is my film experience combined with my spiritual path and knowledge. Spirituality and art are my main interest in life; searching for the basic questions: is there any purpose in life and what is our potential as humans on this planet? We are going on a journey where our subject is an enlightened spiritual teacher who taught how to unify the dualistic mind. Traveling into unique powerful landscapes and meeting people is an amazing opportunity to create and express art. This interaction of two cultures and minds creates the drama I am looking for; how we as westerners see, feel and understand the Buddhist spiritual path; how they see us; and where we can meet and learn from each other to develop as compassionate and loving human beings. My goal is to create a documentary film which will express this amazing journey into the heart of what Padmasambhava left the world, and how to reach a higher level of existence in our complex life.